Curriculum Vitae

Full name: Lars Patrik Wallström
Born in Stockholm 1971

Summer 1992
	Summer work - Paralog AB
		Developers of a free-text database system
		called Trip. I was member of the team that
		ported the system from Pascal/VMS to C/Unix.

Fall 1992 - Spring 1993
	Education - Business systems programming
		Learning relational databases (SQL), Cobol,
		C, Pascal and a structured programming scheme
		called JSP.

Summer 1993 - Fall 1994
	Technical freelance consultant
		Among the clients were the Royal Institute of Technology,
		Finlarm AB, and some more. Configured computer
		LANs and Internet connections.

January - April 1995
	Technical consultant in Norway,
		Helping  a startup company in northern Norway.
		Business strategy and software consultancy.

August 1995 - January 1997
	System Administrator at Mediagymnasiet in Nacka
		Administration of the media schools network, and
		all of the computers and servers. A mixture of
		Irix, PC, Macs and Amigas, together with all kinds
		of media, including a TV studio, two online beta
		editing rooms, and two music studios.

January 1997 - February 1998
	System Administrator, Bonnier Online
		Responsible for Bonnier Online's internal network
		and Solaris servers, with focus on computer security.
		Some intranet application development.
		Research in the future of online music distribution.
		Bonnier Online was Bonnier's first go with their
		Internet Strategy.

February 1998 - May 1998
	System Manager, Bonnier Interaktiv
		Responsible for building the new network in the
		Bonnier Interaktiv building Frizon. Member of the
		WAN team for the Bonnier Media Network, and also
		Y2K working group and corporation wide technical
		Bonnier's is the leading publishing house in Sweden.

Fall 1997 --
	Started own consulting firm - Foodfight Stockholm
		Clients: Landstinget, Global Communications,
		Trick Animation

May 1998 - Dec 1998
	Technical consultant, Out There Communications
		Application development with ASP and Oracle.
		Developing an Environmental Intranet for Stockholms
		Stad. Responsible for some of the internal servers,
		and computer security.

1999 - end of 1999
	Technical Project Manager, Halogen
		Design, plan and production of the internal network
		together with the IT-manager.
		Building e-commerce backend system for Telia
		E-commerce. Specializing in computer security,
		and web site architecture.
		Halogen is a next generation Internet business
		developer, founded in february 1999.

2000 --
	System Designer, New Media Distribution
		Technical strategy work, design of the
		backend systems, and project manager for
		Responsible for building the technical platform. is establishing itself as a leading
		musical community for sale and distribution of
		music over the Internet through custom-made
		CDs as well as digital downloading.

September 2000 -- September 2005
	Editor and founder of
		Technical editor and founder of the news
		site Gnuheter was the leading
		commmunity based news site for the swedish
		open source community. Writing news and
		editorials on a daily basis, as well as
		maintaining and developing the site.

July 2001 - December 2001
	Technical Project Manager at Room33
		Implementing and managing the internal
		bugtracking system. Technical Project management
		for a big customer, delivering an implementation
		of the Room33 portal platform.

Jan 2002 --
	Restarted Foodfight Stockholm
		Consulting with Linux, computer security and
		web development, and also strategy work with
		free software and open source.

Interested in: Unix, TCP/IP, computer security, music,
web servers (and related applications like logfile analyzers),
open source and free software, Linux, e-mail, and the future
of Internet and peer-2-peer networking.

Have been programming: Assembler, Pascal, C/C++, Basic, ASP, Perl,
PHP, MySQL, Oracle. Deep knowledge of open source tools.

Member of the electronic music group Reglage,

Contact information:

Snail mail:
Patrik Wallström
Drottningholmsvägen 70, 2tr
112 42 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 8 6188428
Cellular: +46 709 580442